Current Studies by the CEC
Central is Going Green

Study Number 1: a new BREC park at Greenwell Springs

In 2001, legislation was passed granting to BREC the use of the entire grounds where Greenwell Springs Hospital is located for use as a public park. While there are no plans to close the hospital, the grounds outside the existing fence of the hospital include the historic sites where the springs and old hotel were once located. BREC later drafted a plan for building a park on the site, but that plan has sat dormant for several years.

Central residents pay nearly $1 million a year in property taxes to support BREC. Central's mayor, Mac Watts, has been quoted as saying he believes a major park at Greenwell Springs would be far more worthy than several other planned BREC park programs in our area.

CEC members are presently discussing this matter with local civic and government leaders to determine the best course of action.

Study Number 2: a new Magnolia Beach bridge

People have been talking about the need for a new bridge over the Amite for years. Morning and evening drive-time traffic is not only frustrating, but often dangerous. Where should the money come from, and what will things be like while it's under construction. What do you think?

Study Number 3: reducing litter and unsightly areas

Almost everyone admits litter is an ongoing problem in Central. Share your ideas about how to reduce litter and eliminate what's already there. Volunteers are needed, and we are currently seeking a Forum Moderator to oversee this study.

Please use the Comments section to suggest new studies:

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