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Egret - Blackwater Conservation Area

Help us transform Central into a Greener and better city

Welcome to the Wiki site of the Central Environmental Coalition (CEC), a new, local grassroots organization promoting Green awareness in Central City, Louisiana, and East Baton Rouge Parish. Our staff is working with local and national organizations to develop community outreach initiatives that are designed to help raise local ecological consciousness and improve the quality of life in our city and area. To participate in our efforts, sign up here.

First annual CEC photo contest

We are currently accepting photos for the first annual CEC Photo Contest. All photographs must be taken within the city limits of Central City, Louisiana, and sent as attachments to the email address below. All subject matter will be considered, but environmental and ecological subjects will receive additional points in the competition. Winning photos will be displayed on our Home page. moc.liamg|asu.alcec#.ereh sotohp dneS

Suggestions being solicited by CEC staff

The CEC staff is asking all residents of Central to send us their suggestions for making our city a Greener and better place to live. If you would like to communicate directly with our staff please moc.liamg|asu.alcec#ereh kcilc, or use our Suggestions Box page to share your ideas and comments with everyone.

Comments can be posted anonymously; however, we hope that you will take the two or three minutes necessary to sign up as a CEC member. If you do so, your anonymity will be protected through the use of screen names and passwords. Sign Up Here.

We respect your right to privacy. Your email address, as well as any other personal information, will NEVER be sold or given out to other persons or organizations.

Mom's Roses
We ask all our members to shop in Central whenever possible. Burning gas going into Baton Rouge, when it's not absolutely necessary to do so, makes very little sense, financially or environmentally.
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