Central City, Louisiana
Central City Louisiana

Central City is Louisiana's newest city. Officially named the City of Central, it is located in East Baton Rouge Parish, north-east of Baton Rouge and east of the cities of Baker and Zachary. The city is bordered by the Comite River to the west, the Amite River to the east, and Highway 64 to the north. The boundaries of Central City encompass approximately 66 square miles. In 2008, the city's population was estimated at nearly 27,000 citizens, with approximately 18,000 registered voters.

Despite opposition from the Parish government and even some of the community's own residents, the supporters of Central incorporation won in an April 2005 vote. Former Central High School principal Shelton 'Mac' Watts became the temporary mayor. Formal elections were held on April 1, 2006, in which voters elected Watts with 86% of the votes.

In November 2006, the voters of Louisiana passed a constitutional amendment authorizing the creation of the Central Community School District, which allows the people of Central to govern their own public schools. On January 9, 2007, Governor of Louisiana Kathleen Blanco appointed the interim members of the new Central Community School Board. Members are Morris L. Anderson, Sharon Watts Browning, Willard M. Easley, Ruby W. Foil, James W. "Jim" Gardner, Wilfred M. "Marty" Guilbeau Jr. and Russell M. Starns. The board appointed Mike Faulk as the first superintendent, and the new school system began operation on July 1, 2007.

Although it was originally communicated to the residents of Central that no new taxes would be necessary, the Central Community School Board voted unanimously on May 5, 2008, to call for a school tax and bond election on Saturday July 19 to build a new $98 million educational compex designed to replace all of the city's current aging schools.

On July 19, 2008, voters in Central said no to new taxes that would have built the new 120-acre school complex. Both the tax and bond propositions were defeated by wide margins. Voters rejected the 25-year, three-quarter-cent sales tax with 3,415 votes — or 56 percent — against the tax, and 2,732 votes in favor, or 44 percent.

The second proposition, which would have given the school system the authority to issue up to $49.2 million in 20-year bonds backed by a 29-mill property tax, failed with 3,691 votes — or 60 percent — against the measure, and 2,440 votes in favor, or 40 percent.

Central school officials are now trying to figure out how to deal with the continuing problem of overcrowded schools in our rapidly growing community.

Read the Baton Rouge Morning Advocates's Follow-up Story - July 22, 2008.

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City of Central governmental organizations

City of Central, Louisiana
9339 Sullivan Rd., Central City, LA 70818
Mayor Shelton "Mac" Watts - 225-261-5989

Central Community School System
13421 Hooper Road, Suite 6, Baton Rouge, LA 70818
Superintendent Mike Faulk - 225-262-1919

Public schools in Central City

Bellingrath Hills Elementary (Grades PreK-1)
6612 Audusson
Greenwell Springs, LA 70739
PH: 225-261-4093
FAX: 225-261-4047
School website

Tanglewood Elementary (Grades 2-3)
9352 Rustling Oaks Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70818
PH: 225-261-3454
FAX: 225-261-3535
School website

Central Intermediate School (Grades 4-5)
10510 Joor Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70818
School website

Central Middle School (Grades 6-8)
11526 Sullivan Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70818
PH: 225-261-2237
FAX: 225-261-9973
School website

Central High School (Grades 9-12)
10200 East Brookside Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70818
PH: 225-261-3438
FAX: 225-261-3501
School website

Private schools

Central Private School

Central City civic organizations

City of Central Chamber of Commerce
13013 Hooper Rd., Central City, LA 70818
President Rusty Jacobs - 225-261-5818

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